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Attendance Voting

Australian Election Company caters for and is skilled at conducting Attendance Voting.

Attendance-based voting is used in situations where the relevant governance provisions mandate the use of such Polling facilities. Attendance Voting is very frequently applied in the context of Australian Public Elections as the predominant mode of taking the votes of qualified electors. e.g. for Australian Federal Elections, Australian State Elections and many Council Elections.

Australian Election Company provides a specialist service in conducting Queensland Council Elections and in providing materials and forms to supplement the conduct of Council Elections.

Attendance Voting is sometimes mandated to be applied in the context of Club or Association Elections. In addition, Attendance Voting is also sometimes relevant in Collective Agreement Ballot settings, for instance say, in factory or mining settings, where you might have a “captive” group of employees, largely located at the one location, perhaps engaged on a shiftwork basis.

As voting in Collective Agreement Ballots is non-compulsory, sometimes it is considered that the convenience provided by Attendance Voting could increase and lead to maximum voter turnout. Having employees located at the one physical location (or maybe a couple of specific locations), also lends itself readily to this type of voting. Organisations with small employee numbers may also be suitable for Attendance Voting.

Attendance Voting, by virtue of relevant Infrastructure, Materials and Labour costs, may generate higher “per voter” costs when compared with some other Voting mediums.

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For reasons of integrity and security, generally speaking, a minimum of two (2) experienced Australian Election Company polling officials will conduct the Attendance Voting.

The polling officials are provided with an Inventory of materials necessary to conduct the Attendance polling. The assembled/parceled polling equipment will be delivered by Australian Election Company staff allocated to control the voting process. The material provided will include;- polling instructions, ballot papers, the voting roll, ballot reconciliation return, cardboard/metal ballot box, padlocks, plastic security seals, cardboard privacy screens, special Ballot posters for display on ballot boxes or in voting privacy screens), specially labelled envelopes/satchels to secure and identify materials after the conduct of the polling etc.

At the commencement of Attendance Voting, as an integrity measure, the polling officials will display to any witnesses present, the ballot box(es) open and empty, prior to the taking of any votes. The Ballot Box(es) will have plastic seals or padlocks applied and the voting will begin.

A special poster is usually affixed to the Ballot Box and is visible to all voters attending the polling booth. A copy is also displayed within each voting privacy screen.The poster will stress that the Ballot is being conducted by Australian Election Company, an independent/impartial entity; it will describe the basic polling process; encourage voters to mark their vote in private; to seek assistance from the polling officials if required; and it also will stress some basic Ballot integrity measures.

The Attendance Voting will be conducted in advertised premises, during the mandated or agreed hours. At the closing of the Attendance Voting, polling officials will count their unused ballot papers, reconcile their spoilt or discarded ballot papers, and complete and balance their statistical Ballot Paper Reconciliations.

Depending upon the arrangements to be applied, the Ballot Box(es) will either be opened and have its/their contents removed, unfolded, sorted and counted, or alternatively additional padlocks/seals will be applied to the Ballot Box(es), if the Ballot Box(es) is/are to be transferred to a different location for counting. The polling officials, under observation of witnesses present, will record the serial number of the plastic seals and padlocks. The Ballot Box(es) will then taken into secure custody by the polling officials pending conduct of the count proper.