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Ballot Paper Scanning – results accurately and quickly!

Australian Election Company has the technology, infrastructure, software and professional experience to conduct ballot and elections using ballot paper scanning – which gets the election results to you accurately and quickly!

All our 2012 New South Wales Councillor Election Results were delivered to Councils from our centralized electronic ballot scanning operation in Newcastle, 11 calendar days’ post Polling Day. The scanning, validation, quality assurance and reconciliation controls were exacting and some 700,000 ballot papers were electronically scanned, including re-scans.

There were over two million ballot papers printed; 450 polling places to organise and staff, with over 2,000 polling officials. Councillor ballots were electronically scanned and our proprietary count software applied to determine Councillor Election results under the complex proportional representation system.

For the 2010 Mackay By Election, the 52,000 ballot papers were scanned with the result determined within 10 hours.

Our proprietary count software has been appropriately certified by international Audit Company Deloitte, and our count software performs accurately and flawlessly every time. We were also a participant in the Parliament of NSW Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters’ (JSCEM) Inquiry into the 2012 Local Government Elections, with the Committee being satisfied from its examination of Australian Election Company’s performance and client councils satisfaction that the policy of allowing third parties to conduct elections was successful.

Through the 2012 New South Wales Councillor Election, although at least one Election went to a Re-Count situation, no challenges were lodged, even where Results/outcomes were marginal, thus paying testimony to the rigour and accuracy applied through the use of the ballot paper scanning and proprietary count software in the management and conduct of the Elections conducted by Australian Election Company.

Subsequent to the Elections, those Councils met with the New South Wales Division of Local Government and the parties commended Australian Election Company, reaffirming their satisfaction with the services we delivered.

Not only does the 2012 NSW Local Government Elections demonstrate our scanning capabilities, but also the preparation, management and conduct of 10 medium to large-scale NSW Council Elections reflects a logistically and technically challenging assignment that our company can undertake professionally and successfully.

Australian Election Company is a real private Provider, successfully operating within the traditional public election domain of government Electoral Commissions and successfully delivering legally compliant Election and Ballot services and outcomes.

So contact us for your next ballot / election needs.