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Australian Election Company and Metro-Poll Elections personnel have vast experience in the service areas we offer to our clients, including:-

  • Complete management and conduct of any size of Elections, Ballots, Referendums and Plebiscites using any one or any combination of –
  • Ballot paper scanning and count
  • Sales of Cardboard Ballot Boxes and Voting Screens
  • Ballot and Election reporting that is accurate, detailed and that sets the standard
  • Manual or semi-automated voter validation processes.
  • Electronic Ballot Paper scanning and counting services for a huge variety of Vote Counting Systems, including Preferential and Proportional Voting.
  • Delivery of specialist Club Election services.
  • Consultancy services to enable organisations to update or strengthen their election related governance requirements or to migrate their modes of election conduct from traditional paper-based to electronic mediums, including Online / Internet Voting and Telephone Voting.
  • Training in Ballot and Election administration and Returning Officer functions so that organisations might more effectively and efficiently conduct their own Ballots and Elections.
  • Election mentoring and audits to assist organisations in the conduct of their own Elections or Ballots, recommending and monitoring contemporary best practice approaches including the conduct of formal Ballot and Election audit interventions and reporting.
  • Protected Action Ballot Services conducted under the Fair Work legislation.
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) Returning Officer Services.


We have a range of Voting Materials and Equipment for sale, at realistic prices, including

  • Cardboard Ballot Boxes (large and small)
  • Ballot Box seals
  • Cardboard Voting Privacy Screens (freestanding and tabletop)
  • Specialist forms and training materials for New South Wales Local Government Elections and By-Elections
  • Training materials for Consultant Ballot and Election services

We can also provide assistance in sourcing any other election related supplies required.