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Employee Forms

Are you working for Australian Election Company for the 2017 NSW Local Government Elections?

Once approved for employment, you need to enter your details in the employee form AEF369-4.

AEF369-4 Employee Form

Online form for new employees.
  • To ensure payment, all fields must be completed.

  • Part A: Personal Details

  • Pay slips and group certificates (pay summaries) will be sent by email.
  • Part B: Previous Employment

  • Part C: Bank Account Details

  • Part D: Superannuation Details

    Please note: If a member of COMSUPER or Q-SUPER you need to have another fund for AustECo to contribute to. Applicable for Casual Employees where more than $450 is earned in a calendar month. IMPORTANT - ALL SUPER FUND DETAILS MUST BE COMPLETED.
  • Do you wish to have a salary sacrifice amount taken out of your wage each pay?
  • Specify the amount or % per pay period to be deducted for your salary sacrifice.
  • Part E: Employee's Signature

  • Select the option below to acknowledge your agreement that the information provided is true and correct.