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2016 NSW Local Government Elections

Councils which are going to Election in 2016 had their Elections conducted on 10 September 2016.

For Elections conducted on Saturday 10 September 2016, Australian Election Company assisted the management and/or conduct of Elections for Fairfield City Council, Kempsey Shire Council, Lake Macquarie City Council and Penrith City Council.

All other Councils going to Election on 10 September 2016 were managed by Electoral Commission, New South Wales.

The Notice of Contested Elections listing the Candidates, pre poll locations and opening times, and the polling locations on election day are provided below:

The Returning Officer contact details are provided here.


A full list of the nominated candidates is provided here.

The Indicative Timetable of Election Events is provided below.

01 August 2016Close of rolls (6:00pm)
01 August 2016Nominations open
04 August 2016Pre nominations briefing (6:00pm)
10 August 2016Close of nomiations (12:00 noon )
10 August 2016Ballot paper draws (approx. 3:00pm)
10 August 2016Registration of electoral material (how-to-vote) opens
17 August 2016Postal voting commences (Indicative Date)
17 August 2016Post nominations candidate briefing (6:00pm) - Indicative date only
29 August 2016Pre-poll voting commences
02 September 2016Registration of electoral material (how-to-vote) closes (5:00pm)
05 September 2016Postal vote applications close (5:00pm)
09 September 2016Pre-poll voting closes (6:00pm)
10 September 2016Election Day (8:00am to 6:00pm)
12 September 2016Return of postal votes closes (6:00pm)

 The Notice of Election and Call for Proposals are available for download for Kempsey Shire Council, Lake Macquarie City Council and Penrith City Council below:

Who Votes?

Voting in Council Elections is compulsory for residential electors (electors enrolled on the Commonwealth/NSW Electoral Roll). All Australian citizens aged 18 years and older must be enrolled on the electoral roll for the address where they live.

Electoral Enrolment Claim Forms are available from any Australian Electoral Commission Office. Contact for 13 23 26 for details or in relation to any queries about electoral enrolment on the Commonwealth/NSW Electoral Roll.

The rolls for the 2016 NSW Council Elections closed at 6:00pm on 1 August 2016.

Owners of property in a Council Area who do not live in the Council Area, but who wish to vote in the Elections for the Council Area where they own property, were able to send an application to the General Manager of the relevant Council to appear on the Non-residential Roll of electors or the Occupiers and Rate Paying Lessees Roll of electors, for that Area. Voting is not compulsory for electors included on these Rolls. Again, though, the deadline for receipt of completed Enrolment Claims was 6:00pm on 1 August, 2016.

When to vote

Postal Vote Applications could be made from 1 August, 2016 until 5:00pm on Monday 5 September 2016. Postal Vote Applications were available

  • from the Returning Officer;
  • from Council Offices;
  • by phoning 1800 224 420 or
  • by emailing info@austelect.com
  • Returning Officer’s addresses are available here.
  • Postal Vote Applications (FORM 7) may also be downloaded from here.


Pre Poll Voting was available from Monday 29 August 2016 and closed at 6:00pm on Friday 9 September 2016.

Pre Poll Office locations and operating hours were

Polling was also available at specific Declared Institutions (Retirement Villages, Nursing Homes etc). Details where these services was offered was advised within the relevant Institutions.

Where to vote on Election Day

There were Polling Places located throughout your Council Area on 10 September 2016. As is conventional, these Polling Places generally were located within Schools, Community Halls etc.

However, details of the locations of Polling Places was published in local newspapers just prior to Election Day. The locations of Polling Places was also included on Councils’ websites and are available here from this link.

Voting Before Election Day

If you were not going to be within your Local Government Area or you were unable to vote on Election Day, you could vote by Pre-Poll or organise a Postal Vote. In the two weeks before Election Day Pre-Poll Voting was provided. As noted above, Pre Poll Voting services and locations are available here and advertised in the local press.

Postal Vote Applications (FORM 7) may also be downloaded from here.

Candidate Information

A list of the nominated candidates is provided here.

The “Notice of Election and Call for Nomination Proposals” have been advertised in the press and also on this website, here (above).

Nominations opened 1 August 2016 and closed at 12 noon on 10 August, 2016.

Our Returning Officers conducted Post Nominations Closure Briefings around 17 August 2016.

Our Returning Officers provided a Candidate Guide, and other relevant materials, as part of a kit upon acceptance of a Nomination. Our Returning Officers contact details are available here.

The Candidate Guide is also available for download here.

Persons contemplating election to civic office are advised to go to www.olg.nsw.gov.au.

Electoral Commission NSW administers the Election Funding and Disclosure provisions associated with NSW Council Elections and all candidates must apply to be registered for the election and appoint an official agent, prior to accepting political donations or incurring electoral expenditure.

For information about registration, appointment of an official agent or any information pertaining to funding and disclosure matters, access this from this link: www.elections.nsw.gov.au/fd/2016/local_council_elections

Nominating for Election

Any intending Candidates should refer to the Local Government Act 1993 and the Local Government (General) General Regulation 2005 for full details of requirements and qualifications etc. for Nomination.

Candidates should seek their own legal advice on any areas where they have concern(s) regarding requirements, qualifications or issues or matters of interpretation.

Councils, Returning Officers or Australian Election Company will not provide any information or advice of a legal nature.

The onus is on any Candidate to ensure their Nomination is complete and made to (received by) the Returning Officer by the closing of Nominations; for the 2016 Elections by 12 noon 10 August 2016.

The following information provided below is of a general nature only.

There are two types of nomination.

  • Nomination paper: proposal by electors (Form 2) by Electors whereby a minimum of 2 electors enrolled in the ward or council area can nominate a candidate.
  • Nomination paper: proposal by registered officer for party (Form 3) whereby the Registered Officer can nominate a candidate;

Nomination Forms will be available from Returning Officers and Council Offices. Addresses of Returning Officer’s Offices are available here.

Nomination Forms are available:

  • Upon request by email to: info@austelect.com or
  • by telephoning 1800 224 420, or by
  • downloading from here a Form 2: PDF format
  • downloading from here a Form 3: PDF Format

If two (2) or more Councillors are to be elected, candidates may choose to form groups and a claim to form a group signed by each of the candidates is submitted by the close of Nominations. Groups may also request a Group Voting Square, but there must be at least two (2) Groups requesting Group Voting Squares for Group Voting Squares to be included on the relevant ballot paper. The “Claim for Grouping of Candidates” (AEF 217) is also available for download here, OR, as described immediately above by email or telephone.

At the time of nominating, the deposit for an individual Candidate of $125 is payable in cash or by a cheque drawn by a deposit taking financial institution. Personal cheques are not acceptable. Payment also may not be made by Credit Card, by EFT, by BPAY or by Postal Order. The deposit must be received by the Returning Officer prior to 12 noon on Nomination day 10 August 2016.

There is a deposit “discount cap” of $625.00 where a Group comprises more than five (5) Candidates and the Nominations for all Candidates comprising that Group and the $625.00 deposit is provided/paid and the completed request to be included in a Group form are all lodged simultaneously. However, if the Nomination forms, deposit and the Group Request form are all not lodged simultaneously, then the $125.00 deposit per Nomination is applicable.

Upon Nomination by a Candidate (or Candidates), the following forms must be lodged:

  • Completed Nomination Proposal in Form 2 or Form 3
  • Completed Candidate Information Sheet (signature to be witnessed by JP)
  • Completed Statistical Information Sheet
  • Claim for Grouping of Candidates (AEF 217) (if applicable)
  • Nomination Deposit in Cash or “Bank” Cheque

A Nomination is not valid without a completed Candidate Information Sheet. Valid Nominations must be received by the Returning Officer by 12 noon 10 August 2016. This can be done in person, by post, fax or email.  (Where email is used an image of the completed nomination paper signed by the proposers and the person proposed for nomination is included in or attached to the email and that image includes an image of the actual signatures as appearing on the nomination paper. Where email is involved the Nomination will not be made unless, in addition to the completed Nomination paper, the completed Candidate Information Sheet; the completed Statistical Information Sheet and the Nomination deposit is received by the Returning Officer before the 12 noon deadline on 10 August 2016).

Candidates of course must also separately register with the Electoral Commission NSW before Nomination day for the Election.

The Returning Officer will formally announce candidates and conduct a draw for their ballot paper positions once Nominations have been processed.

Ballot papers include the candidates’ surname and one given name. Candidates may request to have Independent’ printed below their name. Candidates nominated by Political Parties will have their affiliation (or abbreviated affiliation) printed on the ballot paper.

There are important new laws for local council elections which came into effect on 01 July 2016. There are three main changes; Caps on political donations; Regulation of third party campaigners; and Political parties to keep a campaign account. For more information on these changes, click on this link.

Downloadable Documents

The following documents are available for download (listed alphabetically):

Interested in the 2012 Election Results?

The 2012 election results can be accessed from this link, for Fairfield City Council, Kempsey Shire Council, Lake Macquarie City Council and Penrith City Council only.